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AnnA Rushton and Dr Shirley A Bond
Written in a friendly question and answer format, this is the ideal book to answer your queries about using natural hormones, the effects of HRT and the Pill and how to cope with hormonal imbalance.
AnnA Rushton is a writer and speaker on health and personal development issues for leading websites including NHS Talk Health.
She founded the Natural Progesterone Information Service and the Woman to Woman Healthy News Service and is the editor of

Dr Shirley Bond is one of the UK’s foremost private GPs specializing in women’s hormonal health and is the medical advisor to the Natural Menopause Advisory Service. She runs her own practice in London’s Harley Street and is a respected authority on natural and alternative treatments.
"A practical and insightful guide to the role of progesterone in women’s health."
Dr John Lee
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A natural, bioidentical progesterone cream used for the relief of menopause symptoms.
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Hormonal changes during menopause may encourage weight gain.
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"I had hot flushes and perspiration to the point where I looked as if someone was pouring water over me" *
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