Katherine - Kent, UK
"I had hot flushes and perspiration to the point where I looked as if someone was pouring water over me. I would get these normally at night and they'd last all night long. My husband got used to getting out of bed at all hours to help change the covers, since the bed would be totally drenched.

The panic attacks and hot flushes got worse and worse. I was totally drained, becoming more tired and tearful at the slightest thing. The constant feeling of being unable to cope was getting worse. I got up each morning terrified I could not face or cope with the day.

When I first read your website I decided there was nothing to lose. I could certainly say yes to most of the symptoms list and a few of the letters from your customers seemed familiar in their symptoms/stories. I showed my husband and he agreed that as long as we knew what the cream contained I should try.

I sent for the cream and could not wait for it to arrive. However, the first night I opened the jar, I thought 'you're crazy, this cream is not going to work'. But I applied the cream and prayed that it would do something. The second night I had my first sleep without any hot flushes/perspiration attacks.

I still had the panic attacks but 'that was all'. Maybe I’m just so exhausted my body is too tired to have a hot flush I thought, I’ll wait and see. But two weeks later, no hot flushes and surprise, the panic attacks were almost every other night rather than every night.

Six weeks later there were no panic attacks, no hot flushes/soaking perspiration sessions - no changing bedclothes. And sleep, blissful sleep. No tearful sessions and no fear when I rise to face each day.

My husband said he noticed the difference. I could look at every problem calmly and as usually happens when one stays calm, a solution is either found or you cope with the situation easily.

I felt that you should be aware of how your cream has helped me. A million and more thanks for your assistance. Please keep up the good work."
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