Transdermal progesterone creams are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to conventional hormone replacement treatments.

When taken orally progesterone in its natural form is removed by the liver. However, with transdermal cream application over 90% of the progesterone content is absorbed into the fat layer that lies just beneath the skin. This is in fact where the body stores its own native progesterone reserves and as such is a natural and effective way of supplementing progesterone levels.

A California based doctor in general practice, Dr John Lee, was the first to popularise the use of cream based progesterone application. Dr Lee, in his book Natural Progesterone – The Multiple Roles of a Remarkable Hormone, presents his findings on the benefits of progesterone cream for treating a range of conditions including: menopause symptoms, osteoporosis, PMS, fertility and post-natal depression.

Our usage information is based on the latest findings, which is to incorporate both thin skinned and fatty tissue areas and to rotate the areas regularly - which means daily for most women. This avoids overusing any one receptor site which can lead to less hormone being absorbed.

You get good coverage if you apply to a thin area in one application and a fatty area in the next one. For instance, if you apply it to your left arm on Monday (upper arm is fatty tissue and lower inside arm is thin tissue) and then work down your body on one side and back up the on following days.

Wellsprings Serenity is a premium natural progesterone cream that has been helping women overcome menopause symptoms and other conditions associated with hormone imbalance since 1997.

On this site you can find out more about natural progesterone and read the stories of just some of the women that have found relief from symptoms of hormone imbalance by choosing Wellsprings Serenity.
* This information is for general interest only. Every woman is unique. Your results may vary.