The progesterone molecule
While hormone replacement therapy has been prescribed for many years few people (including doctors) are aware that the hormones contained in the bulk of conventional treatments are in fact artificial, molecularly different to hormones produced natively in the body.

These products demonstrate some of the effects of natural hormones but they are in fact alien to the body and can behave quite differently to the hormone they are intended to supplement. These differences are believed to be responsible for the many reported side effects of conventional HRT treatments.

A striking example of these differences is cited by Dr John Lee, one of the prime figures in the natural hormone movement, in his book ‘Natural Progesterone – The Multiple Roles of a Remarkable Hormone’. Here he is referring to the difference between the natural hormone progesterone and a commercial HRT product that uses a synthetic progesterone:

‘One rather clear example is the fact that progesterone is necessary for the survival and development of the embryo and throughout gestation. Some commonly prescribed progestins carry the warning that their use in early pregnancy may increase the risk of early abortion or congenital deformities of the foetus’.

Bioidentical hormones can be sourced from certain kinds of plants and, as the name implies, are identical to bodily hormones. They have been prescribed since the 1930s to treat a range of conditions relating to hormone imbalance with no reported side effects.

Today growing numbers of doctors are prescribing bioidentical hormones as patients are increasingly demanding alternatives to conventional HRT treatments.

In particular, natural progesterone has been shown to offer significant benefits for many hormonal conditions.

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Dr John Lee – Natural Progesterone, The Multiple Roles of a Remarkable Hormone
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