Doctors around the world are reporting symptoms relieved and quality of life restored for patients who have been prescribed natural progesterone cream.

In particular, specialists in hormonal disorders such as menopausal conditions and PMS and doctors active in the field of osteopenia and osteoporosis are increasingly choosing natural progesterone as their treatment of choice.

Here are comments from two such doctors:

Dame Dr Shirley Bond,

Dr Shirley Bond is one of the UK’s foremost private general practitioners specializing in women’s hormone health and is the medical advisor to the Natural Menopause Advisory Service. She runs her own practice in London’s Harley Street and is a respected authority on natural and alternative treatments.

“As a Doctor who has for many years specialised in women's hormonal problems I was fascinated when I came across natural progesterone in the form of a transdermal cream some seven to eight years ago.

When I started to look into its use I realised that it made sense to use it in the ways now described on this website. I had never been keen to give my patients traditional HRT and now I had a safe product to use to help them deal with their problems and balance their hormones from puberty to the post-menopause. Also I had a method of preventing osteopenia and osteoporosis that did not involve the risks associated with oestrogens.

It is good that products containing natural progesterone are available and that women are being given the information which will enable them to make informed choices about the use or not of HRT.”

Dr B Peatfield,

“I have been using natural progesterone cream for some years now in my South London Practice. Both my patients and I have, without exception, been delighted with its efficacy in treating menstrual symptoms, especially PMS, and the menopause itself.”
* This information is for general interest only. Every woman is unique. Your results may vary.