Christine, Cambs, UK
"I read your page and realized I have been oestrogen dominant for about 2 years which has slowly got worse. I kept putting the sugar rush and shakiness down to low iron. I had been taking soya tablets for about a year so must have been feeding my problem.

I haven’t been able to organize my day to day activities at all and have been in a constant fog. I have been very moody and anxious, which has gone now and the hot flushes are subsiding. I am currently waiting for blood test results as I thought I was anemic from the shakiness and having my thyroid tested, but since taking Serenity after two days the shakiness stopped.

I can’t wait to show the doctor your write up about it as it is so obvious and common sense. I did not want to go on HRT, so your progesterone cream has been amazing.

I have been using Serenity Cream for 3 weeks now after suffering from severe menopause symptoms. I was suffering from sugar rushes causing shakiness, very anxious, mood swings and severe hot flushes and insomnia and felt quite ill from it all, so finally saw the doctor for blood tests.

I couldn’t function properly at all as felt I couldn’t cope and even the thought of going on holiday or a short break to see relatives feared me with dread at the thought of having to organize the family. I felt like I had gone from an intelligent, organized person, into a very useless person with low intelligence.

The first two days after starting Serenity my shakiness diminished overnight and I felt less anxious almost immediately. I have not had any mood swings and feel more chilled out. The flushes have reduced by about two thirds already and are not as severe, so much so that my fan by my bed is looking more like an ornament than a necessity now and it has only been 3 weeks on Serenity.

My weight is slowly coming back down and I do not feel as bloated now, I had gained 2.5 stones in two months and was not eating any differently. I can’t wait to tell my doctor about it as I did not want to go on HRT.

I can’t recommend this product enough, it's changing my life back to normal. Thank you Serenity."
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