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Menopause and Weight Gain
Hormonal changes during menopause may encourage weight gain. Natural progesterone supplementation can help.
Hear what doctors have to say about natural progesterone and its benefits
Discover the natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy
Natural progesterone can be an effective treatment for this serious condition
What happens to hormones at menopause and how can symptoms be treated?
Understand what's behind the increased incidence of oestrogen dominance in the western world
Learn about the condition behind menopause symptoms
How can a cream deliver progesterone into the body?
What are bioidentical hormones and why are the relevant to your health
How do progesterone creams work and where did they come from
Wellsprings offers two varieties of natural progesterone cream. Read on to find out which is best for you
Oestrogen dominance can interfere with thyroid hormone activity
Despite claims to the contrary, Yam Extract does NOT contain progesterone or raise progesterone levels in the body

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