"I am 60 years old and have been going through menopause for about 7-8 years. The last two years have been almost unbearable with the hot flashes and mood swings.

My doctor wanted to put me on HRT for these symptoms but I was very wary after all the horror stories that I have heard. I told my doctor that about 15 years prior I was put on HRT prematurely which caused a blood clot in my leg from a fall. Shortly after being treated in hospital with blood thinners (14 days) I returned home and still was in quite a bit of pain. They then discovered that the blood clot had gone to my kidney and blocked it. After many days of pain medication, that too finally passed.

After I informed my doctor of these problems I had gone through, he informed me that I could not go on HRT. There were recommendations of anti-depressants, shots etc. I just flatly refused all of those. Since then I have been experiencing such extreme hot flashes that fever blisters were forming on my nose and lips.

This past February I saw your ad for Serenity cream on Facebook. I discussed it with my husband and we decided it was worth a try. All that could happen is that it didn't work for me. I ordered a single jar and when it arrived I started using it with scepticism.

To my surprise after only about 7 days I noticed a huge difference. The mood swings were no longer a problem and the hot flashes had all but disappeared. I continued using the cream and have now used one complete jar up.

This cream is simply wonderful. It has been a lifesaver to me. No longer do I have to put up with the horrible symptoms of menopause. It is such a simple remedy and such a shame that it is not known about world wide. I certainly will do my best to inform as many women as possible about this wonderful product.

Thank you again for this wonderful product."
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