"On Day 11 of using the Serenity progesterone cream I noticed a vast improvement in hot flushes, headaches, and just that unwell feeling. I upped the dosage slightly, but will now go back to the recommended 1/8 teaspoon twice daily.

I was actually getting desperate before that as I thought 'I can't live like this every day!' The next day, day 12 using Serenity cream, and I have not had one hot flush all day! Just a very slight warm feeling off and on, (and I mean VERY SLIGHT) but I just know that it will disappear very, very soon too. No headaches either and I feel great! Day 13, hot flush free!

I am so happy I have found your website early into starting the menopause and before I became desperate enough to try synthetic HRT from my doctor as there are known risks and side effects from that.

I'm still amazed and delighted over the results in this short amount of time. You can be sure I will tell all my friends about this wonderful cream so they will be able to reap all the healthy, happy benefits too!"

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