"I have always suffered from extremely heavy, painful and prolonged periods. Treatment in 27 years has ranged from utterly medieval, cautery without anesthesia, to the outrageous - one indifferent medical man suggested I should have a couple of kids, that'll stop it.

Finally, two years ago after several exploratory and perhaps unnecessary surgical procedures, I was diagnosed with menorrhagia, compounded by fibroids and advised to have a hysterectomy.

Since the condition is not life-threatening (although given the amount of painkillers, clothing and bedding ruined, appointments and business meetings canceled or postponed and iron taken to counteract anemia, it has sometimes felt like it), I am reluctant to have radical surgery for a condition which should be treatable in other ways. One specialist suggested I might let nature take it’s course and swap one crisis for another via the menopause.

Then the breakthrough! I had no period for two months, then a third failed to arrive. The doctor ruled out pregnancy but felt I was too young for the menopause. I had my doubts about his diagnosis as I had started to have night sweats, complete loss of libido, foul moods and fearsome tempers.

My poor husband. I became so evil, rows every other day and suggested separating. I would wake regularly between 3 and 4am, clammy and depressed, filled with sadness and often tearful. Symptoms continued into the day and more than once I cut short a meeting or stopped the car to have a good cry for no obvious reason.

In despair I read all I could find on alternative therapies for PMT, menopause and other conditions. Appalled at the lack of knowledge and information available I was relieved there was some hope and help. But where to get the recommended Natural Progesterone Cream?

I saw your advert, received my package and information and after only three days I was beginning to feel human, sleeping through the night with only one hot flush since. Mood and temper fluctuations have settled and, although occasionally crabby, I regard this as quite natural, rather than the onset of a 'severe temper warning' or 'mega row imminent'.

Since using Serenity I feel much more comfortable with myself for the first time in years. I am not yet perfect but I now have the energy to do something about it and can face the future without feeling I am hitting my head against a stone wall.

Yes there are times when I still feel down - but this is more to do with lack of food or exercise than the deep and irrational despair that I was prey to, when suicide seemed the only way out of a situation that had become more pressurised and burdensome than I had thought possible.

I have recommended Serenity to friends and cannot thank you enough for helping me put my life back together. I wish I knew about it years ago."
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