"What I’d heard about progesterone led me to discuss it with the medics; they were very happy to go down that road, but were only able to prescribe synthesised progesterone. By then I’d read Lesley Kenton’s Passage to Power and knew that I wanted to try the natural product. With their blessing I sent off for my first jar from you.

My periods have become less frequent; a great blessing since they were turning up every two and a half weeks, it drove me crazy. Pre-menstrual tension and woe, breast soreness and bloating have all reduced sometimes to the point where the onset of my period has caught me completely off guard.

Because after applying the cream I treated my face with the tiny amount left on my hands, I have seen a complete end to the terrible dry, flaking, red and angry skin problem which had been be-devilling me for so many months. My doctor, bless him, told me I looked wonderful. Keep up the good work."

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