"I have been using Wellsprings 20-1 for the last two months and I feel great. I am only 48 and appear to have been going through the menopause stages since my daughter was born at 40. Each year a new symptom would start and it slowly dawned on me that I was going through Menopause.

It started with depression and major mood swings, then I had itchy legs and hair, weight gain, bloating, hot flushes and night sweats. This all lead to embarrassment and panic attacks.

After using Wellsprings 20-1 for one week the hot flushes eased and after two weeks the night sweats started going away. This product has also aided in reducing bloating and I am finally able to lose weight. Without your help my doctor would have put me on Prozac as he refused to give me HRT.

You have saved my life and my relationship with my children and partner. I can't rave enough about this product."

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