Wellsprings offers two bioidentical menopause creams, Serenity and Twenty to One (also known as '20-1').

Our Serenity cream contains 2.34% natural progesterone while our 20-1 combination cream contains the same amount of progesterone plus 0.12% natural oestrogens.

For most women, and especially for those getting started with bio hormones, we recommend Serenity cream. However for some women 20-1 may be more effective. Check the comparison chart below to find out which cream is best for you.
Serenity Cream 20-1
You're experiencing classic menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes/night sweats, mood swings and sleep problems
This is your first time trying natural progesterone
You're suffering from menopause-related weight gain
You've found that Serenity cream does not adequately control your menopause symptoms
You've previously been on HRT
You have vaginal dryness or atrophy
You've had a hysterectomy
You're suffering from menopause-related anxiety and depression

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a medical history where oestrogen is inadvisable then as a precaution we suggest you use Serenity rather than 20-1.

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* This information is for general interest only. Every woman is unique. Your results may vary.